A Brief history of Hoo Saint Werburgh

Before 1968 the Village was known as Hoo (or as it was spelt in the Domesday Book, Hou). After some Local Government boundary changes in 1968 the Parish of Hoo incorporated the Hamlet of Chattenden and was officially named Hoo St Werburgh on the 10th September 1968, under the powers of the Local Government Act of 1933.

The Parish of Hoo St Werburgh is within the boundaries of the Medway Towns Parliamentary Constituency and lies on the northern bank of the River Medway quite close to the highest points of the Hoo Peninsula at Beacon Hill, Chattenden and the top reaches of Deangate Ridge, Hoo.


Hoo St Werburgh is the largest Parish within Medway in terms of population (about 8000) and dwellings (about 3000) and is still growing. Although the village is quite extensive due to its post-war development, it is still a basic rural area surrounded by fertile farmland to the east, reaching southward to the Medway River estuary. To the north there is the vast open green space of Medway Councils Municipal Golf Course, then west to the green lung that separates the west of Hoo from the urban sprawl of Wainscott and Frindsbury.

The A228 highway that dissects and meanders along the high ridge of the Hoo Peninsula from Wainscott to Grain has just recently been partly upgraded to dual carriageway (the Peninsula Way) from Chattenden to Ropers Lane, Hoo and is the only main route in and out of the Medway Towns conurbation.

The oldest part of the Parish is at the southern most section of the Village, in and around the Parish Church of St. Werburgh. The name Saint Werburgh is derived from a Saxon Princess who had many connections with Kent and the settlement of Hoo in particular. Saint Werburgh died allegedly either in A.D. 698 or 699.

The Saxon Shore Way (long distance footpath), hugs the north bank of the River Medway past Hoo Marina Park before meandering towards Northwood Hill at High Halstow and commemorates a connection this area had within a chapter of English Saxon History around A.D. 600 800.

Pictures of Hoo St Werburgh and the area

Hoo Common.

Hoo village centre.

Hoo Village Institute.

Kingshill Recreation Ground.

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